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what do i say when i call this boy on the phone for the first time??

ok i met this boy on urbanchat and me and him have been talking for awhile and so he gave me his # 2 call him and wants me to call him but im the shy type and i dont know what to say...any suggestions??

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    Just Say "Hey What's Up" And Tell Him Who You Are ... Then Just Be Yourself And Act Like You Are Talkin To Him In The Chat.

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    While I understand that it is easier to talk anonymously on line than on the phone, the technique is the same. The first time you call him start with the traditional hello, this is (what ever name you were using in your on line chat with him). Wait for him to respond with his own hello and possibly a how are you doing; I am glad you called or something similar.After that just go with the flow of the conversation. A word of caution----do not give him any personal information just yet such as your address ----until you guys have known each other for a while. Though you sound like a very young gal, I suggest you use some caution here. Good luck.

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    Hey! why are you the one calling him? It should be him calling you.

    Anyway, if you have your reason that you might have not stated, then it's okay (but please... if there is a way that you can wait that he be the one to contact you, the it's far better)

    Say "Oh hi! this is __________. Do you still remember me?"

    What's up?

    Oh I remember, I'm going to a party or so... and I wonder of you want to come.."

    Invite him with some group gatherings where can can get to know more about each other safely.

  • Well first start off the conversation as usual. Hi, how are you, what are you up to. Then start talking about what you did today. Ask him what he did. Then just talk to him like you would if you were on urbanchat. Maybe ask interesting questions like his favorite song, music artist, color. Those kind of questions...If you haven't already. If you guys covered that already then maybe talk about the last thing that happened in your life that was very interesting. Or maybe even your pet-peeves... See I don't know what you guys have already talked about...Just relax and be yourself.=]

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    you should wait until he calls you, or perhaps if you want to talk to him right away, then call him say that your the one that he meet on urbanchat, and just ask him for start simple question, soon he will ask you questions then you'll have an easier time talking to him and other people on the phone

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    Hes shy guys are totally lyke that my current bf told me he lyked me while b4 he got up the nerve to ask me out and then he was to chicken to call me for a while just give it sumtime or call him but don't act lyke ur in to big of a rush ab it

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    hi im a boy my name is charlie well call the boy a say what are u doing he will give u and anser say cool of corse he is gonna ask what are u doing tell him and then it all comes out somothe like if he says do u like any thing like what ever he is ganna say then say do u whant me to then he will laff and give u and anser then he will thank ur funny then he might like u and just be funny ok. ps injoid helpig u

  • just try to be urself!!

    also try to have little conversations like hi what u up to and stuff like that then u can start asking him some questions then hell ask u some eventually then everything will fall into place!!

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    Start off by saying hi i'm so and so remember from blah blah blah...then let it go from there. Good Luck

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    "Hi, it's me, how are you, it's nice to hear your voice at last."

    and just go on from there. As you have chatted before, it should be easy to catch up on what you talk about.

    You can ask him how his day went, etc,

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