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Science Fair Project: Mind reading experiment?

Can people really read someone else's thoughts? I need an experiment to go along with my science fair question. Any ideas on how I can test is people really can read someone's mind?

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    You can use a set of specially designed cards to test the mind-reading abilities of two people.

    Typically the test goes like this: Two people are separated by a divider. One person draws a card, studies the image and forms a picture of it in his brain. He then tries to "send" it to the other person. The other person must choose which shape he believes the sender is transmitting.

    You don't have to buy these cards - you can print them from this website:

    Good luck. If you find a true mindreader, ask him or her what the lottery numbers will be.

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    Mind Reader Project

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    Research how to do it properly, and think about it a lot before you start testing. Buy a deck of uniformly manufactured cards rather than print your own. Assure that the sender can't give other clues to the receiver. Decide whether you'll tell the receiver whether each answer is correct or not, to see if there is any learning effect. Keep ALL data. Do a thorough statistical analysis to show which results are statistically significant. Display the results graphically. Be sure each card is drawn randomly from a full, shuffled deck.

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    A pack of playing cards or Zener cards, a screen, two sheets of A4 paper, pens and 2 people (preferably identical twins)

  • Mood rings always work. Look it up.

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    yes and you can do it by zener cards

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