Any one know what this is?

I found this message while walking down the beach on the 7th of august 2008.

The bottle was marked with the exspiroy date 19/09/2008, and the number L816301002

I haven't a clue what it all means. it is all hand written over 2 A5 pages, the ----------- indicate change of page.

It reads exactly as follows

The Cold War

Ken Gill MI5? Trade Union Leader

Communist Portrait Artist

1/2/85 Fliteform Aim Grp Heathrow

Steadman Starnes Bates

McBoon Nov 89

The Umbrella Man

1/2/05 Wm Gray Hesham LA3

The radioactive Man

25th July 09 Bleriot France -> England

25th July 59 Hovercraft England -> France


Koncordesky Accident? Paris

31/8/89 Princess Anne

31/8/97 Princess Diana Accident? Paris

31/12/68 Koncordesky Tu144

31/12/99 Putin President of Russia

25th July 00 Concorde Accident? Paris

12th Aug 00 The Kursk Accident?



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  • 1 decade ago
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    No idea. It seems like someone is finding similarities between different accidents, disasters, etc. Maybe this person is interested in conspiracy theories.

  • 6 years ago

    I have found similar messages ,the last one about 3 years ago on Bootle Beach Cumbria, where i live. My theory is that if you find say,10,000 events of note ,or notoriety, then since they can only happen on any one of 365 days in a year, you are bound to find many on similar days. And that was the end of my interest. . .until today when I found another similarly clean and bound message with an address attached.

    Mr W GRAY, 21 Draycombe Court,Draycombe Drive, Morecambe LA3 1 NH

    He asks :- When scientists discover a new mind bending drug, how do they know it bends peoples minds?

    It then goes on to ask you to contact the Observer newspaper ,for some reason.

    Message dated 10/09/14

    If I am ever in Morecambe I might pop round to see him. I ll probably take a friend as well !

  • 6 years ago

    I found 2 of these messages yesterday, one dated 10/9/14 and the other 9/9/15.

    I have been finding these messages on the same beach for many years.

    I suspect that the culprit has something to do with to do with the wind farm off the coast of Walney Island, probably maintenance crew.

    Someone with too much time on their hands who has no consideration for the marine environment.

    Someone who should be prosecuted for the hundreds of plastic bottles he has dumped into the sea.

    Get a life you sad little man.

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