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i get really nervous but why?

so my 13 birthday is coming up and i am going to six flags with my 2 freinds. one of them is my bff and we both like each other but my dad wont let me date till i am 18! ah i just get so angry at that so yea i get so nervous around my friend i like and i make a fool out of myself and it is quite a drive to 6 flags. how can i not be nervous we ahve been friends for a year please help!

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    Just be yourself.

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    I'm turning 13 too and i can't date until am older (sux right lol!), anyways there is no way you can stop being nervous in front of him because you really like this guy alot and will be kind of wierd with the long drive to six flags and you and him in the car together and stuff it makes you more nervous and stuff, all i can say it's normal and if you start going out with him you will be less nervous around him!

    Good Luck!

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    this is normal and just try to relax

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