I need some advice about college.

Well, I have social anxiety. I just graduated high school and it's very hard for me to figure out what college I'm going to or what I'm majoring in. I told my brother that I need to go to college now but he said if I'm not ready don't go, my mom think I should go even though I have no clue what I'm majoring in. Also I've been on a lot of career websites and I keep seeing the same careers, I know they are a lot of careers out there. But anyway I can't seem to find anything I like. My questions are do you agree with my brother or mom, and what good websites that tell you about different careers and majors? Thanks.

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    I would search for help at your school. There must be a vocational adviser that can give you a test where he/she can more or less point you to the various careers you can choose from. If you have a vocation for music, then you should get a music mayor and so on.

    I didn't have a clue as what to study when I finished school, but the psychologist in my high school gave me some ideas based on the results of this test. It really helps a lot. Try it.

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    you should google career tests. It will help you find out your interests?

    I'll give you an idea.. try DENTAL HYGIENE.. thats what Im going to school for. Its only 4 years. You can do 2 if you want an associates. But the pay is great.. Schedule is flexible..you do 3-5 days a week.

    If you still cant find an area of interest.. then just go and take general classes. Like college algebra, english, psychology, etc.. most of these apply to almost any major..

    Source(s): Student at UMKC-- school of dentistry
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    I would go now and just take general study classes. Those are classes required to acquire most degrees. That way you are not wasting time by not going, but not obligating yourself to a certain field or degree.

    Source(s): I have been a student for 4 years now. I graduated with an Associate Degree and am currently working on my Bachelor's Degree with a double major.
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    You have plenty of time to declare a major. GO NOW!!!

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