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Where should I buy a sturdy dog gate that extends to about 10 ft?

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    You can try Ebay under pets, they have quite a few that extend. Some even have extensions that make them longer. You can also look under baby gates too..same thing. Depending on what you want to use if for. To keep a dog in or out of a room, or in a confined area. You can also get what some call X pens, which come in all sizes, and it like a coral for dogs.

    Source(s): Have a5 foot baby gate for my 2 dogs that keep them upstairs, and 1 15foot diameter "X" pen that I use outside to keep them in a certain area.
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    I bought a puppy "corral". It opens up to at least that and you can add sections as needed. It is generally used as an outdoor "playpen" for puppies and comes in sections about 3-" wide and about that tall. I opened mine up and installed it on the outside of my garage door opening (an automatic door) so that I could keep my bichons in the garage but still let in all the daylight while I am working in the yard. And, it is high but not so high that I can't get over it. It's the perfect gate.

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    Try looking on the internet.I don't know where you live,but look on e-bay or just google in dog gates.If not try Lowes or Home depot.Good luck

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