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is it normal to have to use the restroom soo much??

i think i have a small bladder like my mom but like if i drink a bottle of water or something like that i have to go pee soo bad. is that normal?

everytime im with my friends and drink something and have to go there like gosh you have a small bladder. is it my fault for drinking so much?


wow sorry i put it under the wrong section.

im only almost 14.

will it stay the same

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    How much water do you drink a day? it sounds to me like you keep yourself well-hydrated, which is a very good thing to be. it has the unwanted side-affect of having you need to go to the bathroom quite a bit, but the long-term health benefits outweigh the side-affect. Military people have a joke about how asprin and water cure everything, It's well-mocked, but it wouldn't be there if there wasn't some truth in it. It's not the asprin that is the miracle cure, it's the water. I've read not 5 minutes ago about someone drinking lots of water and their acne cleared up. Don't stop drinking water. It's not your fault that your friends don't drink a quarter of the water they should in a day!

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    I've always been the same way and am now 31, so it may not ever change for you. Just ignore your friends if they tease you about it; it's inconvenient I know, but not the end of the world or anything.

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    Hmm. I don't think it's normal, but nothing to be overly concerned about. You might ask the school nurse if your school has one. Be sure you asked your doctor next time you see him/her. And if it's not soon maybe you should schedule a check up.

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