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pregnant and boyfriend lives in another state, help!

so...i'm pregnant (and very happy about it!). i had gotten pregnant before i got taken away by my parents to oregon and i just found out last week that i was pregnant...and my boyfriend is in California! my boyfriend and i really want to have the baby but my dad is a jerk and we're scared that he wont let me return to California to be with my boyfriend. i'm also really scared that when i tell my dad he's going to hurt me and kill my baby or try and force me to get an abortion. first of all i want your opinion on you think that it would be the best for my dad to let me go home and be with my boyfriend so we can be there together through the pregnancy and with the baby? or do you think that it would be right for my dad to force me to stay here? also what do i do?! i'm having such a hard time gathering courage to tell my parents...any advice?

please help!

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    Call 1-800-395-HELP to talk to a pregnancy counselor before telling your parents. If you're right about your dad's reaction, you'll want to have supportive adults on your side. Legally, he cannot make you get an abortion, but unfortunately parents threaten and cajole their daughters into it all the time. Make sure you know what your rights are.

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    i'm interior a similar boat it sucks im 29 weeks preggo and my so referred to as boyfriend fells the would desire to go returned along with his mom (be conscious that he's in his mid 20's) and go away me thoroughly on the hours of darkness with my this toddler. you won't be able to truly be serious over the telephone. yet you do certainly need to speak to him and make it sparkling which you quite prefer to be attentive to what he needs if he even needs the toddler. If he would not then via regulation he would desire to pay you newborn help, young ones are costly this could be my toddler num. 2. If he does prefer to be in this toddler's existence tell him he needs tocontributee and take it sluggish to return obtainable or flow you down there some thing so which you are going to be mutually as a relatives. elevating a toddler on your person isn't undemanding in any respect my daughter might ask who her dad is and the place he became each and all of the time its truthfully particularly not undemanding to locate the main suitable answer to tell them, yet interior the top they love you extra then all people and allow you to be attentive to that theyappreciatee you. make it sparkling what you like and want from him butdon'tt permit him bypass on thinking its okay to basically play it off like it by no ability befell.

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    if you are under 18...your dad is not going to let you go back...if you fear he will hurt you you need to talk to a couselor and they can keep you safe.

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    It would help me to know how old you are

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    Awww......beg him and don't get a abortion!

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