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How to get my cat on my bed?

Look at my profile picture and you see my cat midnight at the vet. I want him to sleep on my bed at night because in the middle of the night he comes in and sleeps on my rugged carpet. I feel bad. Any tips?

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    He sleeps on the carpet because he likes it. No need to feel bad.

    If you want him on your bed, during the day pick him up and put him there, then give him pets and treats and attention so he associates the bed with good things. After that, the rest is up to him.

    Be glad in the meantime for the lack of cat hair on your bed! It's even harder to get a cat to STOP going on your bed.

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    Well, you can't make a cat do anything he or she doesn't want to as I know all too well! Your cat maybe prefers your carpet over your bed? It may be a faze (as my cat goes through strange fazes of sleeping in weird places.)

    If your cat seems happy to sleep there though, then there's no need to worry.

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    Wait until it gets cooler. Cats hate the cold and he will probably want to get up on the bed then.

    *don't look now, but I think someone here is reporting people over answers that upset them. I won't mention names but this one starts with a "little" d.

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    Some cats like beds and some don't. That's it. If yours doesn't and you keep trying to force it to stay on the bed, that will create fear and dislike of the bed and you too. Cats are famous for being independant.

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