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Will you say something to make me believe you're smart?

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    Quantum mechanics is essential to understand the behavior of systems at atomic length scales and smaller. If Newtonian mechanics governed the workings of an atom, electrons would rapidly travel towards and collide with the nucleus, making stable atoms impossible. However, in the natural world the electrons normally remain in an unknown orbital path around the nucleus, defying classical electromagnetism.

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    example: 3^2+4^2=5^2


    that is how you find the hypotenuse of a right triangle....i think

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    no because i am not. I am freak and i dont care what you think, how did i get to this conclusion?

    *i forget things frequently

    *i ask the person i went to watch a movie with if they watched that movie

    * i forget whati am talking about half the time

    * i walk away from the phone

    * i enjoy the wonder pets

    * i cannot spell

    Yet how am i smart? Listen to my standings in school:

    *4.0 GPA

    * Student Council President

    *honor student etc.

    i totally forgot wat i was talkin bout. never mind. bye!

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    The FCC will make you call Felicio a trouser friendly kiss

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    yes 2 + 2 is 5

    albert einstein was a president

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    Infinity times what? Zero.... you mean '0'.... wait what are you in Primary school?? ANYTHING times 0 is 0. Even infinity or infinite number of different infinities.

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    I learned it was wrong to lick the bus windows when I was 21 and a half

    and I know fractions

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    No dog is inherently bad, judge the deed not the breed!

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    You don't really know James Bond

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