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Ladies, why do you compare yourself to other women?

AND why are you competitive towards each other?

I'm not saying you all do this, but this is common among a great number of women.


Does that explain being jealous of their friends' and trying to sabotage their relationships?

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    Basically women are inherent attention seekers, whereby the amount of attention they receive, from both men and women (although predominantly the latter) corresponds directly with their own view of self worth. In other words, women define themselves based on how others perceive them, namely women. Basically it boosts their self worth and status amongst other women, as the woman that every girl wants to be.

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    because every woman has a certain insecurity about themselves...the best way to explain it, is like this

    I have a "huge rack" however, I know that other girls look at me and (some) may wish that they had what I have (they're homegrown btw)

    however, when I see a woman who is a little thinner than myself, I grow a little envious.

    it's human nature to always want what you don't/can't have and there for, people judge eachother and compare.

    It gets worse if you're out with your bf, husband or some one and they look at a girl that is a little skinner, or has bigger boobs or longer hair, whatever...but that's one reason; and plus, women are competitive anyway and never helps.

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    Women are extremely competitive towards each other and I think it's BS but somehow we all get sucked into it. I guess it's kind of a primal thing. Women want to establish their place in the group. It's no different than the competitive nature that men have, women just go about it in a different way. The same way certain men want to establish themselves as the the "alpha male" some women want to establish themselves as the "alpha female".

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    Men compare themselves to other men and you yourself cannot deny the fact that men are extremely competitive towards one another. Why should it be any different for women? Btw, scientists just did a study trying to figure out why men die quicker, they find that men compete harder than women....

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  • I do this a lot. I compare myself to women on our breast size and butts. Not only in appearances but on personality. I don't try to be better I just compare myself to them.

    But in a competition I can't help but be better then others in something. If I loose then all well, I just need to make sure to do better then next time.

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    the same reason men compare themselves to others and are competitive. Because we are competing for the same limited resources - often the opposite sex.

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    Men at times do compare themselves with others, but we quickly realize we are better than the other man. Therefore, no reason to dwell on it.

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    Excuse me? Are you serious? What about boys in locker rooms?

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