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What is up with my friend? Girls, help please

Ok i'm going to be a senior in high school, and I have a really good friend that lives in a different state than me. Me and her met on spring break 3 years ago. The surprising thing is we've kept in touch really well, despite the fact we haven't seen each other in so long. We text a lot and talk on the phone n stuff and it's a good time. Only thing is, she texts me(like she wants to talk) and i talk to her and she's always kinda short with me and i don't really understand why. Sometimes she talks a lot but other times she doesn't. Is she like bi polar or is she just kinda weird or whats up??

She's a sweet girl and an awesome friend. I don't know if there's the possibility of a relationship later in life when we're done with school and stuff but sometimes it feels like i have feelings for her. She always tells me to come visit her(like by plane) and so i dunno if she means just as friends or like to try to get somethin goin, ya know?

i just don't know what to think

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    You need to come visit her and, by talking to her and observing, how she acts, I think, you will define, whether she likes you or not. And, there can be one thing... She can be unsure about her own feelings about you, and that`s why she is a little bit nervous. So try to define, if she likes you or not, and then, tell her about your intentions, if you already have them...

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    Well you need to ask her what her feelings are and maybe sometimes she doesnt want to talk because she gets nervous. And guess what girls are just like that . Find out does she hav e a bf does se like you. what if you can come and visit? what then? You need to have a serious conversation with her. i mean you 2 have keptn contact for soo long that in it self is amazing. just talk to her!!!

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