Does this mean anything?

I just started working at Starbucks a week ago and am in the process of getting by certification. There is a guy that I just met recently and he has been really helpful in teaching me little things here and there. He likes to stand around and make sure I am doing everything correctly and always asks if I need help with anything. When I am talking he always looks at me even when I'm not talking to him. The other day, our manager asked him to work in the backroom while I was in the front and he looked pretty unhappy. It was also the day when our shifts overlapped for only an hour. However, he talks to me just like he does to anyone else. Does this mean anything?

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    Honestly.. if he's treating you like everyone else it's really hard to tell. If he's being "friendly" not "flirty" it also means a lot. He could have been unhappy to leave you to go in the back.. or he could have been unhappy because going in the back is not fun at work as it is. So basically.. no one can really tell you what it means. My advice would just be to take some time.. you just started working there so just watch how things progress, and if you want something to happen, then ask him to spend some time with you after work or something.

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    It could possibly mean something, continue to watch his behavior around you to be sure.

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