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U.S and Iraq close to troops pulling out deal.

Good luck Iraq.

Hope the civil war don't last too long.


Military are there to do a job, I understand that.

Congress and Bush got it all wrong, or right for the wrong reasons.

Even bigger problems ahead for Iraq, let's wait and see.

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    I know I am worried about them. I know they should have there independence but they are already in a civil war. I hope things go smoothly for the Iraqi people they have suffered a great deal. I am saying this from a soldiers point of view. Seeing some of the struggles they go through. I know a lot of people paint a picture of US soldiers not caring but there are a lot of nice people there. People just like you and me who only wish to live in peace.

  • Anonymous
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    If McCain wins, we will never be out of Iraq.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I sure hope so.

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