Can you get transmission problems from shiftting too fast?

I've been teaching my daughter to drive. She always shifts from reverse to drive really fast and, sometimes, even before the car stops completely from reverse. Can this damage the transmissions or even ruin it completely? We have a 2006 corolla with an automatic transmission.

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    1 decade ago
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    yes u are doing some damage to the transmission, ur daughter is causing the first gear clutches to work extra hard when u first shift into drive to overcome the rearward movement. You wont see anything happen "all of a sudden" but you are shortening the life of that tranny a lot and being its only a couple of years old you should really get your daughter to stop the car if not entirely but really really close to it.

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    Definitely. The car is still in motion, while going into a forward gear from reverse. The gears will mesh eventually, but it wont look pretty if you could see the inside of a transmission.

    I am strict on my driving ways, since I dont want to break stuff.

    When reversing I would rather press on the brake too hard, than soft to make sure Im completely stopped. Than go in Drive.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes it can, tell her to stop the car completely and then shift the transmission.

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