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what is the average woman's hip size??

the reason why i'm asking is because my hip measurement is about 37 1/2 inches; just wondering is that's about average or big.

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    The average women wears a size 14 dress. So her hips would be 41.5 inches. Your hips are slimmer than the average woman's, but I can't tell you if they're large or not unless you give me the rest of your measurements and your height.

  • 4 years ago

    females and grownup adult men people see weight in a particular way. i'd say proper right here in u . s . a . proper-popular is 12-16. finished Figured is eighteen-20. BBW is 22-26. Petite and junior i'd say is small, Misses is interior the middle and plus length is the tremendous. yet from the body of concepts of a individual who's solid sized or that loves tremendous people like I do. Small to me is a length 14-16 Medium to me is a length 18-20 and tremendous to me is a 22-26. i do not initiate up wondering or utilizing the time period overweight until eventually length 28 seems.

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    i dont think there is an average..everyone is different.

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