Plus size pregnant ladies..

Did you get bigger? Or did you seem to lose weight and gain baby? Did you have to buy new clothes? Do they even make plus size maternity clothes?

I'm wondering cuz I'm plus size, and preggo.

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    I did get bigger and around 7-8 months, it became noticeable that I was pregnant instead of just bigger. I did have to buy some maternity clothes. They sell plus size maternity clothes, they're just harder to find like regular plus size clothes. Wal-Mart has a small selection of plus size maternity clothes as does Target & K-Mart.

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    I wasn't at an ideal weight when I became pregnant and I didn't gain any weight aside from my belly. I did lose 20 pounds, though, in the first 15 weeks. They do make plus sized maternity clothing. I know Motherhood Maternity has a section for this. I was able to wear XL in my clothing, though, as far as maternity pants and tops went.

    Now I'm still wearing clothing I wore pre-pregnancy and some of it is even a bit too big.

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    I'm not plus size, but I have seen the plus size clothing at the maternity stores. So yes, they do make maternity clothes for the plus size women. You can find an even bigger selection online.

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    Maternity stores do carry plus sized maternity clothes...they only go to a 3X. I am bigger than that...all I do is go to my regular plus sized clothing store, and buy a size or so bigger. Look for elastic waist pants and longer shirts. ITs way cheaper that way.

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