How to get Regi's on Pkmn Ruby

I beat the Elite 4 on Ruby and beat the game and such. I already know where the three altar/ruins/mysterious-rock-formations are, I just need to know how to get inside. Also any advice on how to catch the Regi's would be helpful, also which Regi is in which ruins.

Another question, how would I put something from my TV into video I could post on Youtube? IE I want to post something from Pkmn Colosseum, or something, (short of actually filming the TV with a video camera).

Hopefully you could understand me there. Answering either question is helpful. Thanks in advance.


EDIT: Thanks guys, I got it figured out on my own. If you can read braille (which I can), then it actually tells you what to do! All you have to do is find the braille. So you go to Pacifidlog Town (the "floating town on logs") and you use surf to ride the currents until you find a spot where you can dive. Use dive, then travel South until you get to the very back where there is Braille written on the wall. If you read it, it says "Go up here". Dive to the surface to enter the sealed chamber. In the back, use dig in front of the Braille sign to open a door to the next chamber. Go in, and read the Braille in the back of the room, which says "First comes Relicanth, last comes Wailord." So you put Relicanth in the first slot and wailord in the last, and read the braille, and the Regis' tombs open.

Regice: Read the braille, then wait 2 minutes.

Regirock: Read the braille, then walk 2 steps down and 2 steps right, and use strength.

Registeel: Use fly in the center of the room.

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    how to unlock the outside doors:fly to the town closest to route 134 not slateport get a relicanth,wailord,and a poke that can use dig.then follow the currtents to an area that you can dive in next resurface and go on and read the bralie then use dig go into the next room and then put relicanth 1st and wailord last and read it it'll open up the outside doors

    regirock:the on in the sandstorm place after you read the braile you go right twice and elft twice anduse rock smash

    regiice:near dewford town read the briale and leave the briale on for about 1-2 mins and it'll open

    registeel:near lillycove use fly in the center of the room after reading the briale

    i suggest using relicanth to put the regis asleep and using ultra/timer balls have fun =D

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    catch relicanth and a wailord and put one in the first slot and in the last slot in your party(forgot if its relicanth or wailord first or last) then go to pacifilog town ride the currents to a dive spot dive down, rise up, then at the wall use dig with the pokemon in order, it should say something then go to the have to wait for one puzzle in the caves, use fly in the middle of one, and walk a bunch of percise steps(forgot where goes were but try them).

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    well you have to go around in the water to the left of the floating town [i forget the name] and find the spot where you go down, than go to the bottom where there's some brail or something, than dive back up infront of it and you'll be in a cavern. Than you need to use dig or something in front of the brail at the top of the screen or something like that.

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    i dont know about the 2nd question but for the first one you need 2 find a website that reads brail and somewhere around that city with logs i 4got the name of the city but in the ocean current you use ive and then you go up in front of the brail

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