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Can someone help me with my opaline fish and other information?

i have three opaline guoramis and i was wondering about how do i tell if they are male or female? and in the future im looking to get some angelfish and possibly some other chiclids and was wondering where the best place is to get them? online? in stores? and wheres the best place to get cheap aquariums? help

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    i have an opaline gourami, its my favorite :)

    opaline gouramis do well in small groups, but you have to be careful to get all one gender or two females for every male. male opalines have a longer dorsal (top) fin that is more pointed at the end of it, while females have a smaller more rounded dorsal fin.

    id be caeful about what fish you put with the opaline, they can be agressive at times, but can alo be very gentle, it just depends on the fish. angels might work, if they are gentle angels...but im not sure about the other one, but you could be lucky and have gotten gentle opalines...

    i have an opaline(i want more, but dont have the space :( ) i got lucky and my opaline ended up being very gentle, so i risked putting her into my other tank that had guppies, and otos. they got along great. then my little sister (4yrs.) thought my betta fish needed company and put my betta with the opalines and guppies, i somehow have a gentle betta, it turns out, and they get along happily now!! its strange because betta and gourami are supposed to fight if put together, like two bettas. so it all just depends on your fish's temperament.

    i would by the fish from a local fish store that is smaller, not a place like walmart, etc. this way, you are not sold sick fish, and you dont have to deal wih shipping. small stores that specialize in fish tend to actually know what thier talking about unlike petco, and walmart, and other stores like these.

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    they are able to stay jointly, yet no longer in a 20-gallon tank. Blue, Gold, and Opaline gouramis are all a similar species, Trichogaster trichopterus. They strengthen too vast for a 20-gallon tank. Pearl gouramis strengthen to approximately 4 inches in length. you need to maintain a pair of them in a 20-gallon tank. Dwarf gouramies stay small, yet adult males could be aggressive between themselves.

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    i love them i got 2 a female and a male( full grown). The male has a pointed dorsel and the females is more rounded.

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