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i want to remove a mole on my ace. Now during the healing process wll there be a scab and be very visible. whats the best way to have it removed

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  • 1 decade ago
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    go to doctors and speak to them they will advise you best no one on here can as moles can turn cancerous if not dealt with properly

    Source(s): had 5 removed in local hospital when i was 16 ,55 now and no scars on face
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    I have had a few small ones cut off I did no watch. the doctor numbed them cut them off and sent them to be tested i think it was 3 and i was told that they could bleed a lot she put some silver nitrate on them to stop bleeding and it was a very small scratch type looking scab for a few days and thats is it

    not to bad

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    6 years ago

    Moles are generally black or brown growths that can surface everywhere. Moles may be removed using surgery, or even better through a variety of home remedies or products.

    Surgery is high-priced, being from around $100 to $400 and could produce skin damage. Do-it-yourself solutions tend to be cheap and even can certainly eliminate skin moles in just a few days without leaving scar problems.

    Home made remedies may inlcude onion, fresh juice from sour apples, or perhaps fresh pineapple juice used over a small period.

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