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where can i find an animal shelter for a sick guinea pig?

in ny/nj specifically.

i went to my local petland and there was this beautiful guinea pig there who had crusting in his right eye. it was a dark red color so i don't know exactly was the sickness was. either way i told all the employees about the sick pig and they didn't know what to do for it and they tried cleaning his eye at my request and i told them it was a problem a vet would have to fix. now i used to work for petland and i know for a fact that they send the sick animals back to the warehouse but they are not getting the proper care because they are a profit and not a living thing to those people. it broke my heart when i left and i cried all the way home because i couldn't help the poor thing. and then i thought i could buy it and find a shelter or guinea pig rescue that will take it in. i already have 4 at home and i don't have to money to care for a 5th. please help.


to the idiot who answered my question first, if i cant take care of that poor sick animal then i WILL find someone who can!!!!! and what if i do hunt down every sick or hurt animal and find it a good home??? IT'S A HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN YOU'RE DOING BY PUTTING ME DOWN!!!! why are you even in this section if you don't even care about animals enough to help???!

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    I understand your dilemma, but this is a no-win situation. If you buy the piggie & give it to the shelter, it will be euthanized. The shelters are so overcrowded as it is---sick animals are euthanized immediately to make room for healthy, adoptable animals. They will not nurse this pig back to health. Rescues are full to the brim and because they rely on donations ONLY for funding, they are only able to do so much.

    That said, the best you could hope for is to talk to the manager and request that they give you the pig for FREE since its sick. Then they would not being making a profit off this animal. Take the animal to the vet and get the URI cured. Then try to rehome the animal yourself.

    Bless you for trying to do the right thing when you see a creature suffering.

    Source(s): Mum to 24 piggies.
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    Well, it's an unfortune fact most pigs are this way in pet stores. They are breed and sold for money, and health care only causes pet stores to loose money. Since they make a business out of this, money loss is the last thing they want. Though you had good intensions in helping this animal, shelters already have many many guinea pigs to take in and other animals as well. And now, this pig is just going to end up homeless. Hopefully someone who actually knows about pigs will end up adopting this little guy.

    By buying this pig, you only supported the selling of pigs, breeding mills, and making it okay for them to sell sick animals. Your money went straight to the company, a company that does this. You may have "rescued" that one, but now you only allowed them to replace that one, and condem any others that replace it. The way to really stop this from happening is to not support this. Don't buy their animals. To you, you saved the animal, but to them and the bigger picture only more will be replaced after that one, and nothing has changed. By not shopping there, you are not supporting them, both mentally and financially. This is the way to stop the cycle.

    Next time, the best thing you can do is take pictures, and call the ASPCA. Because the way justice works in this country you need evidence, just calling and saying won't be enough to prove anything, because then it's just a he said she said case.

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    people adopt animals from animal shelters and no one wants a sick animal. treat him first and they keep him and give him a loving home, but if you can't then give him to a friend because in some shelters if the animal does not find a home in a certain amount of time, they will kill it.

    poor animals.

    good luck

    Source(s): petsmart employee and rodent owner
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    If you buy him, you are just opening up a spot for another sick animal. Leave him where he is, at least that way only one animal suffers and you are not supporting a terrible pet store.

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    ...So you take in a sick animal and dump it on a shelter?

    Hun, good intentions, but that's incrediably dumb. Shelters can barely look after what they have with the no govenment funding- they can't take on an injured/sick guinea pig from a pet shop, too!

    What are you going to do, hunt down EVERY single hurt/sick animal a pet shop doesn't attend to and shove them in shelters? Why is this one so very special? It doesn't work that way.


    Kid, I WORK in a pet shop. My day consists of cleaning the bloody things out, health checks, giving medication, doing vet trips, and teaching people how to look after animals.

    And anyone who knows shelters will agree with me- they don't need another animal to look after because you're a bleeding heart.

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