Are any of you science fair winners??? If so what was your science fair project and the difficulty????

Please help.... I need an 8th GRADE science project!!! please help me!!! I need a Killer project

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    Well, I won science fair 4th - 8th grade. The hardest by far was my 8th grade one. I tested the effects of acid rain on the environment. I made about 4 different PH solutions and tested each one on plants, rock, eggs, and chalk to simulate the effect that acid rain had on the environment. I had about 20 different variables that were quite hard to keep stable, but I did it and came out victoriously!!!

    Hope I helped! ;P

    P.S. To do this, learn more about PH levels (acids and bases), rain, and effects of erosion.

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    You can do a test for fat. You'll need a brown paper bag; an item that contains fat such as a few ounces of cooking oil, and a few drops of water.

    Pour a few drops of water on a part of the brown bag and see that it runs off the bag and leaves a stain that will dry within time.

    Pour a few drops of cooking oil on another part of the brown bag and watch it smudge the bag. Show the difference between the stains.

    The smudge on the bag means there was fat in the product that touched the bag. This is the reason why restaurants and bakeries don't place their products in brown bags. Think about how Red Lobster and Cracker Barrel packages their biscuits. If they were to place them in brown bags, it would be very unappealing to the consumer to see the smudge on the bag. Remember it is important to conduct this exercise with a brown paper bag. This test doesn't work for any other kind of bag.

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    Go to and go to topic selection wizard. I am doing my science fair project right now too

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