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How can I act naturally like if I were laughing, and crying?

Im going to a Theater club, and I need to learn how to develop a natural laughing stunt, and also, how could I make myself cry ? AnyIdeas? The anger stunts, I am dominant in that category.

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    if you are acting in a sad mood think of death and someone close to you dying

    if you are acting in a haooy mood think of you making love for t he first time

    if you are acting in an angry mood,think of you getteing dumped for your next door neighbor

    these emotions work.

    Source(s): my drama teacher in h.s
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    realy you just have to put your self in the mood and spot

    dedecat your self to the seen

    when you want to laugh think of some thing funny

    or sompthing funny that could happen

    like if you co-star were to fal off of the stage on to a audiance member during a live performance

    and when you need to crythink of some thing sad

    like you last heart break or make you self rel angry

    trust me it always works

    i've been in drama class for three years now

    and i've had 4 lead roles in major production

    it works

    and crying on stage is realy a good way to let go

    and relaese my feelings

    like out side of dramma class ima pretty shy person and don't talk much

    and some times i have a hard time exspressing myself

    so i let it all out on stage

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    Just put yourself if the character's position.. Practicing is also vital. You can practice in front of a mirror or a webcam/camera and take note of any necessary adjustments in your performance.

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    Whatever you do - commit to it. Go full out.

    Because if you're like "lalala I'm only gonna try half-*** so I don't look like a fool if my full-out sucks!" then it's obvious you're faking.

    Commit everytime!

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