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How do you get in contact with someone on a reality show?

I'm writing a script for an independent film and I was thinking this girl on the Legally Blonde show would be perfect for the lead. Is there anyway to get in contact with her without giving her personal info out and looking creepy. I know she's living in her hometown again but it's a pretty big city

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    i've come in contact with a lot of reality stars on myspace. most of them hold up a paper with their myspace URL to let you know that it's authentic.

    but back when survivor cook island was on, i really liked one of the castaways.. billy garcia. i looked him up on myspace, and got to send him messages back and forth a couple times. he is one of the nicest, sweetest people you could ever talk to. i even asked about how i could buy an autograph from him -- he sent me one right to my door absolutely free. billy is awesome.

    but check her out on myspace. sometimes they are overwhelmed with all the fan mail. but most of them will write back to you. you'd be surprised how cool they all are. you could also try to boost your chances of getting a reply by coming up with a unique subject line that you think would catch their eye. that's the first step you could make. let her know your ideas and ask if she might be interested. leave a contact number as well.

    good luck with getting in touch, and also on your film! :)

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