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Question's bout my new female parakeet!

I just got a female parakeet today, she seems a little uneasy about being in her cage.. i think thats because shes knew. Is there anything i should put in her cage? And how long will it take to train her? I hear people talking about how the females lay eggs, If i dont have another male bird in the cage will she still lay them? help pleasee(:

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    Yes, she will lay eggs, but they will be infertile if there's no male, and it's natural.

    It's also sometimes normal for her to act uneasy(scared, skittish, etc.) because she is in a new surroundings and she is scared. Give her some time to calm down and she will probably be fine. Our parakeets did the same thing!

    Make sure she has clean water, food that you can buy at a local pet store, and some toys, But don't overwhelm her with toys. make sure she has enough room to move around so she doesn't feel crowded. and make sure she has some perches to sit on, sleep on, etc. Change water daily or whenever she runs out or when it gets dirty.

    How old is she? If she is fairly young, you will have a better chance of winning her trust, but it will take loads of time(sometimes up to 6 months or longer!) But be patient and treat her the way you would like to be treated.

    since you got her today, you should wait at least a week before you handle her I think. You can talk to her while she's in the cage, and this will also help with gaining her trust. She may bite at first when you try to handle her(which is natural instinct because she thinks you are going to hurt her) so I would advise that you either:

    A. wear gloves, but she will most likely be afraid of them


    B. Get her wings clipped by a vet. this is not painful to the bird and it's like clipping nails. I have done it with my parakeets and it helped a lot!!! It makes it so that the bird can't fly, so you won't have to worry about her hitting a window, flying out a window, etc. and it's easier to train her. All the vet does is trim the flight feathers evenly and that's all. I did it myself after looking up how to do it, and it was pretty easy.

    But anyways, give her time to settle down into her new home and then train her. I hope this helps and good luck with your new pet bird!!!!

    Source(s): owner of parakeets, finches, and cockatiels! =)
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    female parakeets dont talk. make sure she has toys. just like a female human, a female bird will still produce eggs even if they arent fertilized by a male. training time depends on what you want to teach, and also on each individual bird.

    good luck.

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    Don't be in a hurry to train her. She must get adjusted to the cage and things in her cage first. Give it several weeks. Yes she can lay unfertile eggs without a male.

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    Female parakeets and male parakeets CAN talk. it will take about 1 year for the training and possibley talking to be affically completed so start now!

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    well she will take a few days to calm down after the move, my keet only needed a week to cool down then training for a week and she was handtame, check out for a good guide on training birds

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