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How come when i open navicat to make a private server for maplestory, it says that localhost isnt connected?

i did everything the video said to download and do and when i opened navicat localhost was a closed connection. And when i tried to open it it said that it couldnt conneck to mysql. What should i do? PLeaseeeeeeeeeeeee help

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    Why don't you use a private server like me who doesn't even use navicat? like go on maple story private server in like google or yahoo and you'll see sites that shows you every private servers which I had so much fun playing it! It's simple whne you see those games download the Version 55, then just download the private server. NOTE: the both, version 55 and the private server has to be in the same files to play!!!! Just to let you know Kekes516. Have a Mapling Day!

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    submit on boards if it lasts extra suitable than 2 days. If it has basically been no longer able to open for some hours or an afternoon or 2, your activity writer or gm could be making changes or updating your deepest server so as that that's the two a extra moderen version, or to alter something interior the activity.

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    I dunno

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