Shika-ino help... please?

it all started when... blablabla (10 hours later) my friend screamed dont eat my brains!!!

Star if you watch shippuden or Naruto abridged!!!

long story short... my friend asked me about ino and shikamaru... so i said that in ep 218????? that ino kinda got jelouse or watev. about it looking like shika and tema were flirting... so later she got all depressed that she couldn't help shikamaru and got sad.... but im only half sure cus i watched the ep like 2 bazzillion years ago....

sasuke vs the log!!!!!!

Episode 21:

3rd hokage: Pudding dragon!!!!!

3rd Hokage: Damn you golden magic monkey!!

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    yeah your right you can check it out on youtube 2

    if you like

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    Ino was kind of down because sakura was so amasing at helping the others with her healing-jutsu and that she couldn't do a thing, she got owned by an other wind user after this she also becomes a medical ninja. She goes studying together with sakura and her sensei is tsunade the 5th hokage.

  • O_e gak! you copied my name...! gak again!

    *tries to ignore that*



    i dont think there was an ep like that! or else i just have bad-ish memory!

    me votes for sasuke!


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