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How do i make a website

i want to make a website but not like blah blah blah or anything like that i want to make it like (whatever).com if that makes sense but i dont know how

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    You need a webdomain and then hosting for it.

    A domain is the actual website ( But that domain will not function without hosting. is one of the more popular solutions. But there are tons out there. If you're looking for something cheap, has hosting for 3 dollars/month. I use them to host my website. You can register a domain through that and domains cost 10 or so dollars per year.

    You might want to learn HTML code before you do this so that you can actually make a website. Go on google and search for HTML tutorials.

    You can use adobe dreamweaver or microsoft frontpage that help you with HTML code. Dreamweaver is very expensive, but includes a 30 day trial at

    Good luck!

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    What exactly do you want to know? The first step is to find web hosting there are a few free hosts around may help you locate one. Or you can pay for hosting you might try hosting. Second if you want a domain name i.e you will need to register one and that costs money. is usually the cheapest for domain registration. Next you will need to code your site, you might want to try Dreamweaver since I'm guessing you don't know HTML.

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    You will need a domain name - can get one for $5.95 from Netfirms, . You will need a web host - there are free and for fee ones. For a good fee one, you can go to Netfirms again. For free, yoy can try Microsoft Office Live Small Business - .MS is als0 giving a free domain name (i.e. for the 1st year. This is not just for business websites, works great for other kinds of sites.

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    you can go to and buy a domain name for 9 bucks or something. Then you can use a program called macromedia dreamweaver which helps you design your site, but it would be hard to use the program if you've never used it before.

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    Well, you may need to pay for that. Before you start paying you should start you the HTML & CSS programming Language which is used to make very simple websites.

    Take a look at my site i have made using pure coding at GNETUK.CO.NR GNET.SITE.IO GNET.5GBS.COM

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    You need to buy a domain name..


    and you can build your site wiht freewebs, But set the Nameserves you use your very own .com, .net, .tv. . Anything! :)

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