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Do you believe in global warming

Just a fun little poll. No seven page scientific explanation needed!

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    1. Do I believe that on average the earth is getting warmer?

    Yes - scientists have been taking regular temperature readings all over the world, for decades. Their results show that it's getting slightly warmer. It's kind of hard to refute that.

    2. Do I believe that human activity causes gasses like methane and CO2 to be emitted?

    Yes, that's also pretty hard to deny.

    3. Do I believe that #2 is entirely responsible for #1?

    Of course not.

    4. Do I believe that #2 contributes at least a little bit to #1?

    This can be proven via lab experiments. So...yes.

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    Yes. Global warming seems very valid. Global warming helps me understand how much we contribute to our own world's deterioration and how we should take every precaution we can to save the environment. By just recycling and limiting electricity use we can make a big difference. Whenever I'm feeling too lazy to recycle or turn the lights off, I think of how global warming contributes to the melting of the polar ice caps and how animals could go extinct, then I suddenly feel the urge to take these precautions in order to help our environment! :)

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    I don't think the polarization of this issue is helping the environment. If you're asking because you care about the environment, you're asking the wrong question.

    We're hurting the environment and taking more than we give back. We're destroying a beautiful gift. The question should be: what are you doing to lessen your impact on the environment and live sustainably?

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    I believe that the world is warming up, yes. I think that humans have at least a partial role in it. But I don't believe in the kind of "end of the world" scenarios that people like Al Gore are pushing.

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    No, I don't. I think the scientists are doing "The Worry Theory" They take something that could possibly happen, and turn it into some major ordeal. If you think about how big the world really is, and how little we are, it is nearly inpossible.

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    Just like night becomes day, the world is hot and cold

    Source(s): I'm not going to bother with the retoric
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    It's not a matter of belief.

    The data shows that the earth is getting hotter.

    Whether it is anthropogenic a different issue...

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    it is obvious that it is real and it is happening, but it is happening at such an insignificant rate and humans have such a Little effect on it that it is nothing to worry about. this is my opinion

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