I Don't know how this happened but i need advice!!!

So I really like this guy (i'm just going to call him John to make it easier) and we went to summer camp together with our church. So this rumor started that I liked "John" and he came over to talk to me. But I told him that I didn't like him because I didn't want anything to happen cuz we're friends. He flirts with me all the time but when my friend connor asked, John said he only liked me as a friend. Do you think he likes me more than a friend? Should I ask him out or let him make the first move? Just please HELP!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    The cheesy way to do it is to have one of your friend's talk to him and find out what he really feels about you. Then have her coax him into talking to you seriously about going to the next level. It's cheesy, but I've had it done to me, it worked, and I did it for somebody else and it worked. You can't argue with results :)

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    Ummm..ladies can step up and make a move ya know. Maybe he's as hesitant as you..so..if you like him and want to further the relationship...step up girl...ask him..you are already friends.

    No drama or games...just do it...

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    today's world,it doesn't matter who ask first,just make sure you like this person,before you hurt him !

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