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Justice Or No Justice??? Everyone Please look. THX

Here's what Happened.

For about 2 days now there has been some people ( A Carpentry Company ) working next door somewhere on the roof.. In order for them to work they need our permission to get into our property. So we give them permission to work in a certain Space and nowhere else. First at they have all these heavy tools on the lawn!!! and at the end of day one they "mistakenly" take a 20 ft. ladder it would of been gone if my father didn't notice. On day two they get into our garden taking our tomatoes without any permission ( they were caught with a bag full by my mom. ) and leaving behind some plants crushed ending up in a huge argument with my mom the supervisor of the company! ( My father wasn't home ). Note** Their supervisor sent them To take the tomatoes!

So my Question is this a situation to be held in court for their abusement to our property they had no right to do these things.


Yes but there work is done since they could not take the ladder I think they must of thought that they have had to leave with something.

Update 2:

Any more suggestions??

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    They committed theft when they took the tomatoes without permission. If the incident is over, they are gone and not coming back, then it looks like a lesson learned. Theft charges over a few tomatoes are not worth it, check to make sure nothing else was taken.

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    I don't recommend court. Just deny them access from now on. I assume they have not finished roofing. That's punishment enough.

    Edit: Ok, so they are gone. Maybe you can complain to some kind of business bureau. Bad contractors are reported to these places. Also talk to the people next door who are paying these guys.

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    I wouldn't waste my time with criminal theft charges but I would get an assessment of the damages and sue the living crap out of them!

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    Taze them.

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    technically it is theft and criminal trespassing

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