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Y&R-What do you think?

I seen Where Brad is going to give some info to Jack on Jill to write a article.

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    Brad is pretty angry with Jill over not being appointed the CEO of Jabot. I would never put anything past him. And Jack is wanting to get back into Jabot even just with an article about how things have gone down hill since a "true Abbot" has not been running it. I think Katherine will fire Jill & redo the paternity test on her & appoint Brad in her place.

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    Yeah l saw that too, but l think Brad will be outfoxed. I can see Jack taking the info and waiting like a snake to strike at the right moment.

    Then he'll overhear Jeff/Glo talking about buying stocks in Jabot and how Glo hates Jill. This could lead Jack to put a plan in motion to get Jabot from Jill and become a silent partner.

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    Yes I read that too. That Brad goes to Sharon and Jack and wants them to do a big article on her. Jack tells him to keep talking. So we will have to wait and see. I am sure Brad is going to tell all the dirty back stabbing that Jill has been doing and paint her as the negative and spiteful person that she is. I also think it will include her love life with Ji Min and how she goes behind her mother's back to do stuff.

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    I would not be surprised at that, Brad is Mad at Jill, they had a few words on Wednesday show about him becoming the CEO of Jabot.

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    jack has enough info on jill without brad adding fuel to the fire. i wonder if its about ji-min. i think its funny how they act like the real world would really be so interested in the private lives of cosmetic c.e.o.'s.

    *edit* is it possible for me to give more thumbs up to mrs. mora? BRAD should have been in that car instead of her. i'm so mad that he is the one that convinced david to start gambling again. so technically, brad has blood on his hands too, because at least david tried to walk away from gambling to begin with but brad pulled him back in.

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    For several years Brad has been the instigator. I;m sure he'll stay in that mode for a while.

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    You should never put anything past Brad...He is a snake.... But I like watching him

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    ,,, oooooh no ,,, here we go again .. Jack getting into trouble writing articles.

    I just wonder how many times will the show use the same scenario ?

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    Why did you have to bring up Brad? I watched Y&R today and it was nice not to see him on there being the instigator. I wish David would've got him hurt instead of Sabrina.

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    well brad has to do something to straighten out that witch i mean b--ch she needs to find a man real soon here.

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