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Will be moving in the near future and need help with cats

I have two 5 year old cats that have only been minimally exposed to dogs of any kind, and at short intervals. I plan on moving in with a roommate that has a large mix breed 7 year old dog (german shepard/rot mix) that hasn't been around cats much either. We will be moving in to the "dogs" home, and I'm sure there will be territorial issues. What is the best plan of action to prepare both my cats (declawed, strictly indoor pets) and the dog(mostly indoors as well) - so he doesn't eat them or something!?!


Oh, the move could occur anywhere between 1-6 months from now...

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    Take it slow, have them both in the room with each other, with you in the room, until they both are more comfortable around each other. Don't let them together by themselves. You also might want to introduce the cats to the dog one at a time.

  • one thought might be, to keep the cats in a separate room for the first little bit. this will give both animals the time to smell each other through the door, and adjust to each other.

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