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my team is 1st in steals and i have placido polanco, so should i trade b.j. upton for jon lester/rich harden? and if so, which one, lester or harden?

by the way, i can't put upton in my OF because it's absolutely STACKED!

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    Are you crazy dont think twice and grab Harden.This guy has an astonishing K ratio.He is CY YOUNG ISH.Did that other person say Lester was on the better team?Arent the Cubbies in first?Doesnt the American League have a DH?If Im getting a pitcher its in the N.L. all the way.This is a much more pitcher friendly league as we all know.Look at Harden K ratio my God it is unGodly.

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    take lester because he is on the better team and is better because he already has a no hitter. Go through with the trade because upton isn't doing so well. maybe get someone else in the trade so you get somebody in a position you're team is lacking skill in. Harden strikes out a lot of batters so he pitches less innings and he doesn't get much wins because of all the k's he throws.

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