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Why does my family think I'm crazy?

When I was a child, my father died and then I was abused for several years. Because of this my grades dropped and they didn't have the counseling they have now. I ended up in a very abusive relationship, became pregnant. I kept the child, got out of the relationship. I remarried, and it was great, except that my husband didn't accept any of his "faults" and wouldn't attend counseling with me to work on both of our issues together. I wanted my son to be surrounded by family, thinking it would be a better life for him and so I moved 700 miles back to home, intending to bring him with me when his school year ended. Well he didn't want to stay. I tried to reconcile with my husband but he wouldn't. So my son stayed with him, I flew down for holidays and flew my son up every summer (all summer). My son is an adult now and he blames me for wrecking his life because I left him, which is devastating to me, and I keep finding myself in social circles where people backstab me or use me, and my family is inconsistent with their emotional support of me. I feel very alone and depressed and I wonder if I'm paying for past sins. Most of the decisions I have made were based on what I thought was the best course to take, mainly for my son. I don't do drugs or drink (glass of wine once a month). Anyone have any opinions? Thanks


Thank you both. The Desiderata is beautiful, thank you so much.

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    Everything you have done you did with the best intentions. Your conscience is clear and you have NOT sinned. You are being wrongfully judged.

    Please google a short piece called Desiderata and read it. Then walk with your head held high and shrug off depression & being alone.

    Best wishes, UK

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    I think that everyone makes mistakes and that you did your best with life and that no one should blame you for making those mistakes. Your son might have felt abandoned because he was probably too young to understand why you left, and he might still be angry with you. All that you need to do (if your life is back in order) is regain the trust of your family, spend some time with them and do things that they like to do even if you don't, just pretend to have fun. Then eventually you will be able to open up and they will love and trust you again.

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