My friend is in an abusive relationship but she is the only one that doesn't see it?

My problem is that she is with a guy that has hit her once before. I helped her leave but eventually went back to him. He got angry and he wrote very horrible things on the wall. He is an alcholic, very jealous, obsessive. He will call her nonstop to see where she is at, and what she is doing. I've told her it will be a matter of time before he goes back to his old ways. I've found grusome things on his computer. My friend and I went out and we ended up at the end of the night finding him with some girl and they got into it. Finally once we dropped her off at home they really got into it. I got in the middle of it because I thought he had attacked her or even killed her and now she is blaming everything on me. I need help trying to get through to her before he does hurt her or even kill her.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is nothing YOU can do.... she has to really want to leave ...When a woman is fed up, she'll act on it.... She'll just have to learn until then.... Don't get in the middle anymore though he has control of her mind and body at this point (until she stands up to him and walks out) and he will always make you out to be the enemy who is "tryin to seperate them from eachother".... I know it's hard but the the best thing you can do is let her learn for herself...until she comes to you and asks for help....

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