What are three different ways to find the inverse of a function?

I need to use 3 ways to find the inverse of

a) f(x) = x^2 2x -5

b) f(x) = log of 3 of e ^sin(x/2)

c) f(x) = 2x 1/3-x

I don't know of three ways. I only know one. maybe two. Can anyone help me, please?


I know that one. to switch the x and the y. I need to other ways though.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    One way is to substitute y's for the x's and x's for the y's. Example:

    x = y^2 2y - 5 and solve for y / simplify or whatever you want to do with it now

    EDIT: you could also plot it on a graph and use a few points and switch the x and y values for those points. Then write an equation for a line that goes through those points. Example: points (5,3) (7,2) (random, irrelevant points). switch x and y's becomes: (3,5),(7,2)

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