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is global warming real?

is it all just a lie?

how do u explain that one.. some people think its not true... how do u find out?

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    The vast majority of experts believe that is both true and man-made. Here's the summary of responses from every national and interlational climate-examining organization, including those that are run by the oil companies:

    The primary basis for those who dispute global warming involves the idea that we don't know enough to be certain, or that the period of examination (roughly 130 years) is too short to be meaningful. The first argument suffers from the nihilistic belief that you have to know absolutely everything before coming to any conclusion, and that you can never know absolutely everything. The second suffers from the blatant fallacy that human-caused effects should be examined over periods of time that predate human history.

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    Don't think whatever you learn and most effective a million/two of what you notice. Of path, Global warming is truly. The final Ice age has long past away, has it now not? So, we have got to have international warming. Do humans give a contribution to international warming? Probably a few small quantity, finally we ARE Warm and we breath in oxygen and breath out CO2, we have got to be aspect of the obstacle. What is Al Gore going to do approximately it? Kill a complete lot of humans? Invariably that's what Socialists do once they take manipulate of a nation. Is that greater than destroying their economic system and inflicting hundreds of thousands to starve to dying?

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    Global warming is one of the most serious challenges facing us today. To protect the health and economic well-being of current and future generations, we must reduce our emissions of heat-trapping gases by using the technology, know-how, and practical solutions already at our disposal.

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    Is global warming real? Yes. Is mankind causing it? No.

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    hi,yes its true because ozon layer rabchered and atmospher be warm for some gases release from factorys and chemical material .

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    i have to play devils advocate yea i believe that human are leaving a nasty carbon foot print on earth but ponder this what if the earth is getting getting bigger check this video out

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    yes, global warming is real. watch al gore's documentary on it

  • Yes it is,


    We have a hole in our ozone from pollution...who makes pollution? people

    The glaciers are melting...why? because pollution and people

    need more info? listen to the news

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    its real because humans put too much pollution into the atmosphere and it cant be natural because it is at the highest temps now more than ever.

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    Yes. The question is - THE CAUSE

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