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FOR 10 EASY POINTS - Cardio Kick Boxing Questions!

I'll be going to my first cardio kickboxing session at a local community center. It's cheap. It costs about 2-3 dollars per session. I think the trainer or master (whatever you call it) is a volunteer (though I'm not sure).

I'll be wearing a shirt, shorts, and some shoes (not dress shoes! ;)

Now. What is cardio kickboxing like? And do I have to take off my glasses (it's easier to see with them)?

Best answer gets 10 points.


Also, I forgot to put this in earlier, but what are some tips for my first session?

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    It will be fun, and exahstive at the same time. Don't worry, they will push you but they will not hurt you. You will probablly never fight, but you will sweat.

    You can wear you glasses, though you will see that (unless you're as blind as a bat) you will not need them too much. If you wish to wear them you should probablly get that strappy thing that goes around your neck so they don't fall on the floor.

    Above all, have fun!

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    Nice clothes choice, just make sure you are comfortable and ready to move. Cardio kickboxing is a high energy class that combines kicks, punches along with basic fitness techniques suck as squats and cardio such as jump roping or running.


    Arrive ten minutes early to meet the instructor, he will have tips for his specific style. If you are using a bag, you should have hand wraps to protect your wrists and knuckles, the instructor can help you with this as well.

    There will most likely be advanced options in the class, I would keep it low impact/ intensity for your first time so you can get a feel for the entirety of the class.

    I don't know your preference of where to stand in the class, but I would stand it the front to watch the instructor's technique as form is very important for the maximum effectiveness.

    Listen to your body, if you feel that your heart rate is too high, don't stop moving, but slow down, march it out and start again when you are ready.

    Do your best, listen to your body and remember that the first time is always the hardest, so make sure you try it at least twice.

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    The glasses shouldn't be a problem, but in all likely hood unless your eyes are just really bad you won't need them. Won't do much if any sparring, just a lot of punching and kicking in the air and some bag work. More or less like a step class or something along those lines except that you will be throwing punches and kicks. Quite a bit of fun, will problably kick your butt pretty good at first, but shouldn't take you long to get into the groove of it. Most of those classes shoes are optional and up to you and whether you are more comfortable with or without them.

    Tips for being ready for your first class, I would say start stretching immediately if not sooner. If you are not used to going through the motions of throwing kicks it is really going to tax your leg, hip and ab muscles and you will want to be as loose as you can be before starting. Also keep in mind that stretching cold muscles doesn't do anything for your flexibility so I would say do some squats and maybe jump rope or run in place for a while to get the leg muscles good and warm and then do your stretching.

    Good luck!!

    Source(s): 32 years of martial arts training and teaching, 20 years of competitive fighting.
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    Cardio kickboxing combines aerobics (cardio) and some basic kickboxing moves and puts it to music (usually). You'll learn some basic punches and kicks and do some cardio moves to get your heart rate up. Tshirt, shorts and tennis shoes is perfect wear for the class. You should be fine wearing your glasses, if you notice something is hard to do with them on, take them off or adjust your pace.

    For first session, don't overdo it. Make sure you do plenty of stretching before and after, you'll be sore after your first class! Take your time and go at your own pace your first time. Everyone's had a 'first' class and they don't expect you to know everything the first day.

    Good luck and have fun!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    cardio kickboxing is what tae bo was before billy blanks created a catchy marketing name for it.

    basically you will be doing aerobics but instead of traditional aerobic moves you will be using movements that mimick martial arts (kickboxing) techniques.

    they probably won't show you proper mechanics behind the techniques as the goal of these classes is generally to make you sweat, not make you a competant fighter.

    some classes might include bagwork, or target pads but the overall emphasis is to get an aerobic workout not to learn to fight.

    I have taken one of these classes before in hopes of creating a situation where I could strike up a conversation wtih this hot girl at my gym- it lasted for coffee after the workout so it was worth the emasculation of taking what amounts to tae-bo.

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    it's fun, intense, and a good way to stay in shape. and keep your hands up at all times

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