Any child abuse help available?

My 10 yr old son has had bruises left on him several times by his father. His rearend was covered once, his father shook him so hard that he left his handprints on my sons arms for a week, he has grabbed my son so hard behind his ears he left his nail marks, left bruises and scratches on my son during an altercation in which my son refused to be hit anymore and stood up to his father and is consitantly called a pussy, and told to take his punishment like a man. It is worse than that and I could go on for hours, but this is just an overview. I live in Northwest Ohio and Children's Protective Services has found that the bruises are a side effect of corpral punishment gone to far, but won't even make my ex get counseling. Anybody know of help available?


Sorry for the confusion...I divorced my sons father 6 years ago for DV. My son was placed with his father in full custody 3 years ago because of financial hardships on my end. I have called police andt hey turn it over to CPS. CPS gives the case to the same dumb woman who feels the abuse is corpral punishment, or that my sons stories are contradicting each other. What crap! Thanks for all the advice. Keep them coming.

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    I would keep a journal with pictures and date of abuse.

    Have you called the Police into it? This is child endangerment/abuse or battery.

    Have you taken him to ER or your Dr with this?

    You need Professions to back you on this.

    Source(s): G-ma of six.
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    YOu need to be taking pictures of this stuff. YOu need to report this and keep your son out of the situation, even if that means getting a restraining order . I would not allow my son to be near the father. Your son is old enough to talk to the police or who ever. This is not healthy and you need to be a mother wolf and protect your cub. Do NOT put him in the environment. You got out, why would you send your son to it. This is abuse and punishing with fear and bullying. This can teach your son to be this way. There are plenty of things you can do, go to the police, family services, resteraing order, police report, attorney, documentation. I mean what is going to be enough for you to take action? The first time would have been it for me. None needs to put their hands on a child like that, for any reason. YOur x is the pussy, he is abusing a child!!!!

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    im confused...y did you let your son go through so much before stopping it??

    you let the childs father abuse this boy continuously until CPS found the bruises?

    are charges gonna b pressed against the father?

    who are you wanting help for...your son or his father??

    the way you make it sound is that youre wanting help for the childs father...

    Please tell us the father is being prosecuted..if not call the police and press charges on him...

    if the father was in the house with the son and abusing him..y wasnt something done sooner?

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    call police next time he is "punishing" your son. You must stand up for your son and show him that you will not tolerate such treatment. Call protective services again and again. Don't let your son feel like nobody will help him. He was right to try and stop the violence but you have to keep at it until his father is stopped!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    document and report everything. however, if it's already that bad for your son, don't leave him alone with his father and DON'T allow your husband (?) to get near him when he is angry.

    Is he an alcoholic? For your son's health and mental stability, get out of the situation and remove your son from it as well.

    You are his mother and you have the responsibility to pretect your son no matter what it takes.

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    if you have to get full custody of your son or have supervised family time but the court make sure they know whats happening and take pics of the marks when they occar so you have proof and make sure you date the pics

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    mabey try calling the police?? people sick enough to beat a child deserves some kind of punishment.

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