Stuff to do in portland oregon???

My boyfriend and i are going to portland this weekend and was wondering if anyone knows fun things to do?

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    It depends on what you are into. If you have a car, you may want to take a day and go see the waterfalls (Multnomah Falls) and the gorge out on I-84 towards Hood River. You could loop around Hood River on Hwy 35 and connect with Hwy 26 back into Portland - this would wrap you around Mt. Hood with some fantastic views. Mt. St. Helens is nearby and is also worth a trip.

    In the city.... Pittock Mansion is nice and has great views of the city. NW 21st and 23rd Avenues have tons of little shops. SE Hawthorne also has a ton of shops and has more of a hippy/hipster element that NW 21st area. The Pearl District has lots of art galleries. You should for sure check out a brew pub or two. Mcmennimans brew pubs are everywhere - the Bagdad Theater on SE Hawthorne has nice outside seating - great for people watching and drinking the local beer. Other good pubs include Bridgeport, Full Sail, Rock Bottom, and Amnesia Brewing. We have some of the best coffee in the country and if you love coffee you should check out Stumptown Coffee on SE Belmont or the Albina Press on N Albina Ave. If you're into wine, be sure to go to one of the wine shops. Woodstock wine and deli is a good one with tons of wine and very helpful staff.

    If you're into the outdoors, Forest Park has miles and miles of trails and is right in the city (one trail is over 20 miles!). Pittock Mansion is in Forest Park. The Rose Gardens up in Washington Park is also very nice if you like roses. The OHSU tram will give you great views of the city and is worth a ride.

    On the more dark/bizarre side, there are the Portland tunnels. Underground tunnels in 'old town' where back in the 1800s drunk loggers would get 'Shanghaied'. That is, they would be drinking in a bar, and a trap door would open, dropping them into the tunnels where they would then be forced to work on ships that would travel to Asia.

    There are also the Willamette Jet Boats that take you up and down the river.

    There are TONS of great places to eat...some (of many) favorites: Higgins, Toro Bravo, Le Pigeon, Thirst (wine bar), Pailey's Place, and Lovely Hula Hands.

    A good place to look for more stuff to do is at Here is a link.

    Have a great visit! Portland is a great city!

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    lots of the flaws i love to do whilst i bypass Portland: bypass the the Rose Gardens, OMSI (they have the sub the breaches in quest of pink October) , the Oregon Zoo, Roloff Farms (little human beings great worldwide) is in Helventia, Oregon sixteen miles from Portland. there is likewise the McLoughlin homestead that's cool in the adventure that your into oregon state background (in Oregon city)

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    find the right people to get you to the right party

    always fun people to drink with or w.e downtown

    good night clubs and bars

    smoke a bowl at the waterfront benches at night

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    the columbia river shops...water fun

    mt hood - hiking and really cool caves.... google Ape Caves, ice caves,

    go to the ocean.... do some "raking" for crab or clam digginng....

    rt. 101 is full of great stops, shops. and sites...ocean views...

    just remember it's "ore-eh-gen" not ore -eh-gohn"

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    Taunt hippies.

  • go to enchanted forest near salem. it is super cool!

    Source(s): been there. didn't care for portland too crowded
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