My voice sounds different to other ppl than to that what i will sound like when I'm older?

Btw ppl means people,,, and I sound weird in rl but in my head it sounds fine, so is that what i will sound like later on?

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    1 decade ago
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    We hear ourselves differently than others hear us because we are too close to the sound to hear it correctly- plus it resonates though the bones and cavities of the skull. If you record yourself, that will be a more accurate view. Of course recordings flatten the sound (you don't hear all the depth of the voice). You can cup your ears to hear it better or use hearfones (do a google- they are about $35 and allow you to hear your voice as others do). As you get older, and your technique gets better from experience and getting the proper training through singing lessons, it will usually become more mature and a little deeper and fuller.

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    No. It sounds differently because your ears are behind the sound and other people are in front of the sound. The sound varies slightly depending on where the listener is located. Listen to yourself on a recording. This is what your real voice sounds like to everyone else.

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    not necessarily the recording SOMETIMES will make your voice ask someone you can trust to tell you if you can

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