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How can i naturally make my hair lighter?

i have medium brown hair. Im not allowed to change my hair color or get highlights or anything. But i was wandering if there was anything i could do to make it lighter without dying it. i've heard some things like lemons? but i dont want to do anything stupid like making my hair dramatically lighter like blonde. i just want it a little lighter. like a golden brown.

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    I no that some hair changes colour in the sun, if it works on your hair it will make it lighter. Never heard anything about using lemons though sorry.

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    Well some blondes, when they go in the sun a lot their hair gets lighter. And some people with dark brown hair get their hair lighter when they go in the sun and it changes to medium brown hair. I guess you could go in the sun a lot to get it a little lighter. If you want it to get lighter faster, put lemon juice in your hair and then go in the sun. It will make it a bit lighter to between medium brown and light brown. But I wouldn't change my hair color by dying because it's not natural. Anyway good luck!

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    Don't use lemon on brown hair. It will make it lighter but also orange-y. It's only good for use by blondes who want their hair an even lighter shade of blonde.

    Try these instead:

    - Honey really works well from brunettes. It conditions your hair and releases a mild amount of hydrogen peroxide when diluted to lighten your hair without damaging it.

    Dilute Honey Lightener

    1 part honey

    2 Parts conditioner (V05 SKR reportedly works well)

    Mix the honey and conditioner and apply to hair. Put a plastic baggie over your hair. Either wear a warm hat and go out into the sunny weather and let sit for 8 hours OR sit under a hooded dryer for 2 hours. Rinse.

    - You can also use a cinnamon paste for brown hair

    Stir together conditioner and a good amount of cinnamon. Apply to your hair and put a plastic baggie over it. Let it sit overnight. Shampoo out in the morning.

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    there is a product you can bye...its been a while since ive seen it but i think they sell it at walmart. its called "sun in" you just spray it in your hair and when your in the sun it gradually turns it lighter... its normally in the hair color section of the store. yeah lemons do it too...but i dont know how light it would actually make your hair.

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    go in the sun A LOT.

    remember, wear sunscreen! :P

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    you can use this:


    otherwise just sit in the sun and it will lighten up a bit.

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