What is a great way to get rid of Acne?

I Want to look fresh for the school year so tell which kind of things help get rid of acne ex: proactive, stridex , triclear, clear and clear, Oxy,etc. Help me out.

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    RIGHT now i have ton OF acne product BUT the one i like the most is oxy because its super strong and my face is oily and not sensitive so it works great. ... I am using oxy face wash and pads MAXIMUM strenght and it usually takes about 1 weeks to start seeing a big difference but at the first try Ur skin will be much softer ...USE the face wash in the morning with an moisturizer then at night use oxy face wash with 1 oxy pad but in between the day use one pad to remove excess oil that builds up fast ! PS-use a clay based mask for extra oily skin I USE IT 2 TIMES A WEEK BIG DIFFERENCE !!!! Ur final price should be from 15 to 20 bucks AND that's much cheaper than NEUTROGENA kit which did not do muvh to my face !! I also have stridex and its okay but not to much difference cuz its inactive ingredients aren't ta ht great and clean and clear is also really good but i prefer OXY cuz its number 1 !!!

  • Willow
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    Matthew, if you really have "Acne" the only certain cure is a long (6mnths) course of antibiotics, usually "Tetracycline. If taken when young in true cases of acne, this can prevent any scarring and reduce the symptoms. If, on the other hand, you are simply "spotty", then that is a normal hormonal reaction to puberty, (which can last into the 20s) some suffer, some don't, it's the luck of the draw I'm afraid. Best advice is, do not over cleanse your skin, this just encourages it to produce more sebum which clogs pores and encourages spots. Use a simple PH balanced soap, sparingly, do not over rub your face, rinse well, and PAT dry. Avoid touching your face with your hands unless they have just been washed. Do not ever squeeze pick or poke at any blemish. Let your skin have fresh air and a safe amount of exposure to the sun. Do not apply any moisturisers, your skin is well enough fed at the moment lol. Eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of fluids and accept that we all get spots from time to time. Your face has a spot, a spot does not have your face. How many "famous" people have you heard describe themselves as a "spotty kid". Loads is my guess, so don't worry, you are not, nor ever have been alone. Good luck, bet your gorgeous x.


    Forget toothpaste, dab your really stubborn spots with your "fresh" urine soaked on a cotton ball. Sounds gross but works better than anything you pay money for.... Trust me!

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    Mathew how young are you, and how bed is your acne? I know of a great site that helps so many of our patients and I send so many people like you self to them. Go and look up www.adamandeveskincare.com, look up their acne line, their products really work great and they are not expensive. They will answer your questions and help you out.

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    try taking zinc! I've had acne for like 6 years and i started taking zinc because it reduces inflammation. It's like 3 bucks at target but be sure you take it with food because it will make you sick otherwise. It also reduces oil on the skin

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    dont listen to lil_nestle, acne free sucks its cheap and its bad quality. I would go with Skin I.D. from neutrogena it matches you with the right, scrub, moisturizer, and spot treatment, for your skin type (e.g. dry, or oily) Thats what i use and i never ever break out and never gt pimples

    The Website is www.skinid.com

    Good Luck

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    AnceFree Clear Skin Treatment i get it from walmart

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    the way to get rid of then are:

    don't touch them because they will spread

    get a something like oxy

    use sun block or dont expose youself to the sun for long time

    don eat ice cream

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    I use clearpores and like it a lot!

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