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Workout and Diet help!!!!

Alright so I need to loose about 15 lbs. like soon. So I'm looking for a good diet and good cardio workouts. . .

and if anybody knows some good workouts for abs and love handles please tell me them and discribe them in detail >.<

right now i'm just eating a lot of salads ... and am just drinking water and milk. and am trying to drop sweets from my diet!


i wasn't expecting to loose it in 5 seconds. i just didn't want a diet that's going to take 3 months to shed of 15 lbs.

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    Here's a great workout that will melt the fat off:

    Its basically short periods of intensity mixed with short periods of rest. What this does is essentially smack your metabolism in the FACE to wake it up and force it to burn fat. Here's a perfect example that worked for me:

    1 minute - jog (warm up)

    30 seconds - sprint

    30 seconds - jog

    30 seconds - sprint

    30 seconds - jog

    30 seconds - sprint

    30 seconds - jog

    30 seconds - sprint

    1 minute - jog (cool down)

    This entire workout lasts less than 6 minutes but will absolutely kick your butt. When you sprint, go 100 percent full speed. At the end, you can jog for longer if you'd like until your heart rate calms down a little.

    Do this everyday for a week and I will bet you anything you'll notice a difference.

    As for diet, stay away from soda, juice, sweetened teas and coffees, sugary cereals, and candy. Also cut back as much as possible on bread, rice and pasta. Anything with 'white' in the name you should avoid. 'Brown' and 'whole wheat' is good. Try to drink a lot of water and try to eat smaller meals more often as opposed to just two or three larger meals.

    Hope that helps.

    Good luck!

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    first off, you can try crutches, 30 degrees off the ground..its proven to be more effective than a full sit-up. secondly, you need to keep a well balanced diet, not starvin youself to death, b/c your body would take it that you're dying, and it's gonna hold on tighter to your fat. you need nuitrition and stuff (and 2000 cals a day avg), but the one thing that your body does not need is actually sugar. lastly, your goal is totally bizzare. you kno for a female, you need to burn 2500- 2800 cal to shed only 1 lb. so 15 times like 2500 is 37500 cals and you need to burn that off w/o pills. so reconsider your time limit

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    you need 6 weeks to safely shed 15 lbs dear

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    one million... no junk meals two... no alcohol three... no smoking four... no white sugar (use brown sugar however very much less) five... no white rice (brown rice) 6... drink water, a gallon a minimum of 7... do aerobic three-four occasions/week for forty five mins gradual speed or 20 mins speedy and gradual combine eight... devour inexperienced leafy greens nine... aerobic within the morning with empty belly is the right... 10... you additionally want protein shakes to get better quicker after exercise... eleven... multivitamins and omega three-6-nine drugs also are very major to gasoline your nutrients demands... 12... complete frame exercise with minimum leisure shall accelerate the approach very speedy and definite shot method to get ripped quicker...

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    use this website for all your questions. they can advise about diet and have videos of exercises.

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    if you lose 3ilbs a week then you can make 5 weeks

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