How come I am having pain at the top of my fundus?

Has this happened to anyone? I am not due till August 23rd, and since last night I've gotten this moderate pain that starts at the top of the fundus and its extremely uncomfortable.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This could be an "early labor" but still in the safe range. If these pains are coming irregularly and no bloody "show" you still are not in full blown labor.

    This also could be what is called "Braxton-Hicks" contractions which happens often to ladies at the end of their pregnancy. These are not labor pains. It is hard even for ladies who have had several pregnancies to tell the difference.

    Call your docs office and tell them what is happening. He may want you to come to the hospital to be checked to see if you are dilating or not.

    Good luck to you and your baby. I am praying for both of you

    Source(s): Obstetrical and ER nurse
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    5 years ago

    hi. i'm an ob.specialist, when labour painstarts, there is the radiating pain from the fundus spreading down , due to the alternate contractions and relaxation of what is known as the first stage of labor; later on as the baby reaches the birth canal, it has to be pushed out with strong bearing down pains, when the pain is also felt in the back . since you have had counselling , your nurse or obsterician will help you with some pain killing drugs or epidural if need be .alternatively, you may like to bear the pains and experience the natrural birth process . soothing music, does help to reieve the pain ., all the best for a natural delivery.!!

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    Sorry I cant answer but wanted to say I have the same thing happening. Its VERY uncomfortable and hurts a lot. Feels like its going to rip open.. I'm interested to see answers to this. I haven't been able to get a good reason from anyone.

    Source(s): 35 weeks and very sore.
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