So ive finally decided to do a 30 day weight challange TODAY!

So ive finally decided to do a 30 day weight challange TODAY

This morning i was up bright and early (6:00 or so) and i decided that i would eat breakfeast and then walk....(i waited about 2 hours, cause i went back to bed and i DIDNT want to get up, but i was feeling extremly uneasy and depressed so i set out for my hour walk) much to my suprize towards the end of my walk i decided that it felt really good, and that i wanted to do it again and doint the 30 day question is, if i exercise a little bit before i walk and hour every day for a month........would i see a dramatic drop in my weight? like 30 pounds?

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    well first i highly recommend that when you go walking, you walk before you eat breakfast. that is because walking before you eat breakfast speeds up your metabolism and burns off fat faster when it comes to eating your breakfast afterwards. also, if you eat breakfast and then go walking right after, you tend to get cramps and get sick within time and you don't lose as much as you would eating before breakfast. otherwise, you should start seeing results immediately. however, 30lbs is a little too much to lose in a month. the most you could lose in a month safely is 8-10lbs. if you lose a little more then it's okay but any more then that and your over working yourself out. hope this helps and have a happy weightloss. :)

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    30 pounds is a lot to lose and not really possible given the regimen you're currently doing.

    Walking won't help you to burn a pound a day.

    You need a much more intense workout for that, and its called interval training.

    Its basically short periods of intensity mixed with short periods of rest. What this does is essentially smack your metabolism in the face to wake it up and force it to burn fat. Here's a perfect example that worked for me:

    1 minute - jog (warm up)

    30 seconds - sprint

    30 seconds - jog

    30 seconds - sprint

    30 seconds - jog

    30 seconds - sprint

    30 seconds - jog

    30 seconds - sprint

    1 minute - jog (cool down)

    This entire workout lasts less than 6 minutes but will absolutely kick your butt. When you sprint, go 100 percent full speed. At the end, you can jog for longer if you'd like until your heart rate calms down a little.

    Do this everyday for a week and I will bet you anything you'll notice a difference.

    Good luck!

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