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What is my lovebird doing?

I have a female peachface lovebird....5 years old...i just recently "bonded" with it ( a year ago), i did this by immitating a noise she does, and she would spread her wings and start shuffling around with eings spread, and now i am the only one who can safely go into her cage...and hold her, pet her etc...and i wanted to know why she does this "dance" as she used to bite me when i put my hand in her cage.....she also protects me when we let her have her fly in chirping and fluttering her wings at anyone she sees as a threat to me.....any info would be appreciated...and how do i get her to actually climb on my finger? thanks


i try to get her on my finger but she jumps off...thanks for the answer btw

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    Without beating around the bush, your female lovebird is sexually attracted to you. She sees you as her mate - obviously this isn't a bad thing, as she's clearly bonded with you.

    But lovebirds are one people birds.

    They will never be fond of an entire clan of family members. They are very much like African Greys in that they bond to one person, and often become very jealous/protective of that person.

    Typically you can get them to climb up on your finger by gently placing your finger to her belly and pushing so she has to step onto your finger - and just say "up" while you do it.

    Pretty soon they'll learn to associate the word "up" with this action, and they'll do it simply by you saying "up" to them and extending your hand in their direction.

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    Even although lovebirds are known as lovbirds, they're rather competitive. To give up them biting or looking to chunk you, manage it/them extra generally they usually come to fully grasp that you are their proprietor and so there may be much less danger of them biting you. I have a puppy cockatiel and it used to chunk, however no longer very difficult considering the fact that it was once just a little one. I held it and performed with it and now the one stressful factor approximately him is he sits on my shoulder 24/7. Lovebirds are smaller than cockatiels so their chunk would possibly not be as difficult.

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    your female is in breeding mode and wants to breed. Cut back her sunlight and she will get out of breeding mode, check out for a good link on how to handtame your bird goodluck!

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