please help me with this dream i had.. Please

i dreamed that i went into the bathroom to change and i was on my monthly visit. i was sitting down on the toliet seat and look down on my sanitary napkin was a very light tape worm. Then i saw regular worms and then snakes..lots of them just coming from inside of me. omg it was scary and i was screaming and then one snake that was orange and black was slithering away and then i woke up. please give your advice or meaning its apriciated. thank you.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Wow! Your mind made a connection between Aunt Flo's visit and snakes. This connection goes clear back to the beginning-- Adam and Eve.

    Remember the story of how Eve was tempted in the Garden of Eden? It was a snake that tempted her. The punishment for disobeying God was that she would have difficulty in childbearing.

    Interesting stuff, your dream is.

    You'll find more about this in Genesis-- like in the beginning of Genesis is where you'll find it.

    If you do look it up, you'll find there's a curse in there that lands on snakes too.

    If this continues to bother you, pray for safety while you sleep before bedtime.


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