Navy aviation into army warrant officer pilot...?

I asked a question similar to this about the air force then army. but what about navy into army.. Could i enlist in the navy as maybe an aviation mechanic or something that requires you to work with planes on the flight deck, then join the army and become a warrant officer and fly helicopters? could i do that? has anyone ever done this?

Also do i have to stay in the navy for 8 years! or can i do 4 yrs active then blue to green program? and how does that work? could i still be a warrant officer and pilot heli's? i just want to do something in aviation in the navy then fly in the army! or is it just better to enlist in the army as warrant officer just from the civilian world.

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    You can't just become a warrant officer. You have to have some sort of credentials to get any branch to make you a pilot. Either a very solid enlisted record or a college degree.

    Either way it is not a casual process. I know they have eased the restrictions for blue to green WO's, but only due to prior-enlisted service time requirements(12 to 8 years I think). Not to mention there are a lot of eligibility requirements that must be met.

    While it is possible to get waivers for things, in some cases, you can want to be a helo pilot so bad it is coming out your ears and it won't matter.

    Heres the deal. The majority of pilots have Bachelors degrees in things like engineering, etc., not exactly easy stuff, as well as worked very hard in flight school, and all of this cost the military money. They are not going to just hand out commissions and spots in flight school if you haven't proven you are capable of that level of commitment in some way or another.

    You could do blue to green after 4 years but you wouldn't get commissioned, you would just be a soldier instead of a sailor.

    Your best bet if you want to fly is go to college, get GOOD grades, do ROTC, then join. If you choose to take the enlisted route, you are in danger of having one bad supervisor that will screw up your chances, as well as you getting in trouble and screwing it up for your self.

    Source(s): Was seriously considering the Seaman to Admiral program when I was in, but decided I would rather have full control of my education as a civilian..
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    Navy Warrant Officer Pilot

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    If you enlist in the Navy for 4 years, then your active duty commitment is 4 years.

    The other 4 years would be in the IRR.

    You could then enlist in the Army for active duty, after your 4 year Navy enlistment, you don't have to wait untill you are out of IRR.

    But you would have to apply for the Army's flight school program.

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    High School to Flight School...ask an army recruiter about it. You go to Basic combat training straight to warrant officer candidate school and finally to flight school...this program is only for helo pilots though.

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